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Latest News


3rd of May 2023

T-Systems takes over GeoMobile

T-Systems, a leading service provider for information and communications technology, is part of Deutsche Telekom AG. T-Systems is well networked in the area of public transport and has a full-service portfolio for buses and trains, which is now being expanded to include GeoMobile's IT platform for barrier-free, urban mobility. GeoMobile's location, solutions, customers and team will remain. 


8th of July 2021

ivantoConnect on Board at SOfia

Autonomous minibus optimized for accessibility

In Soest, the autonomous minibus SOfia from the manufacturer EasyMile has been on the road in local traffic since yesterday. It is part of the Ride4All research project.

GeoMobile has contributed the ivantoConnect communication module and the app 'mobil info' , which together enable independent use of the service by blind and visually impaired passengers in the interests of accessibility. 

Mobil Info has already been in use as a public transport app in the district of Soest for years and has now been adapted for use in the autonomous minibus, e.g. to be able to find the door despite visual impairment. In connection to ivantoConnect, vehicle functions can be operated in the app (e.g.,  requesting the bus to stop).

Other project partners include the district of Soest, Regionalverkehr Ruhr-Lippe (RLG), the city of Soest, Fraunhofer FOKUS, eagle eye Technologies GmbH and LWL-Berufsbildungswerk Soest.

Regionalverkehr Ruhr Lippe GmbH (RLG) has published a video about the installation of ivantoConnect.

More information about Ride4All is provided by the district of Soest on the German project website.


9th of June 2021

PaderSprinter Kompass goes live

New Public Transport App comes with innovative features for accessibility

Our long-standing customer, PaderSprinter GmbH, recently released the new mobility app "PaderSprinter Kompass". The free smartphone application offers comprehensive passenger information in real time and helps passengers use public transport more easily, especially those with limited mobility.

A special focus of the app is on accessible use by blind and visually impaired passengers. For this purpose, the PaderSprinter vehicles were equipped with our ivanto communication modules. Via smartphone, users can remotely operate the stop buttons and thus signal the bus driver their wish to stop. An acoustic signal helps locate the boarding door, which can also be requested via the app if required.

The newly developed route-accurate vehicle radar provides information at multiple stops about approaching buses of a previously selected route and direction, thus simplifying boarding. This innovative route-filtered view is activated via the departure monitor and was realized in cooperation with visually impaired users from Paderborn.

PaderSprinter is responsible for public transport in Paderborn. With around 100 buses on 29 routes, it transports around 20 million passengers a year.

The application is available for download in the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and in the App Store for iOS devices.


24th of March 2021

On-demand services in Zäpp 

Bussi and TaxiBus integrated in multimodal routing

With the latest update, the Zäpp app of Ruhrbahn GmbH in Essen now shows the on-demand transport service "Bussi" in the connection information, in addition to public transport, cycling and walking routes. The new "TaxiBus" has also been integrated.

In the "Routing" tab of the Zäpp app, if required, passengers will find settings that they can use to display connections with Bussi or TaxiBus.

Bussi is an on-demand shuttle that passengers can use on demand to travel a route whose start and destination points can be freely specified by the user. If there are several interested parties with similar routes at the same time, the system will combine them. Billing is based on the distance as the crow flies. Bussi is active on Fridays and Saturdays between 7 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Taxi-Bus brings passengers to the city districts according to a fixed route plan after a previous order by the passenger. This allows people to travel at night, for example, to places where there is no regular night express.


24th of February, 2021

Olpe Dialog enables digital citizen partizipation

Platform is based on research project

The German city of Olpe introduces the new digital portal “Olpe Dialog” for improves citizen partizipation at public projects or processes of city planning.

Citizens can use Olpe Dialog as a browser-based-website or as a mobile app. They can view information on specific projects, comment on them, discuss and give preferences as “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”.

The platform is a result of the research project “Creactive Citizens” – a collaboration between GeoMobile and the University of Siegen.


19th of January, 2021

LinienAbo at Ruhrbahn

New Feature for the ZÄPP app

Ruhrbahn, public transportation company of Essen in Germany, introduces a new feature for its mobile application Zäpp: "LinienAbo"

LinienAbo gives passengers the comfort of automatically following up on delays and real-time information of public transportation lines that they habitually use.

Zäpp has been serving passengers with routing, ticketing and a mobility platform since 2016. The app has been developed by GeoMobile.


GeoMobile developed the app HEAG mobilo to give live information on local public transportation, e.g. lines and departure. The app has been available since 2016 for passengers in Darmstadt.


© HEAG mobilo

7th of January, 2021

Mobile Ticketing in Darmstadt

Heag mobilo app has a new feautre

HEAG mobilo, public transportation agency of Darmstadt in Germany, introduces smartphone-based ticketing. Passengers can purchase the tickets via the mobile application HEAG mobilo. Tickets are sold for the whole fare zone of Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV), a regional public transport association.


GeoMobile developed the app HEAG mobilo to give live information on local public transportation, e.g. lines and departure. The app has been available since 2016 for passengers in Darmstadt.


14th of October 2020

Nahverkehrspraxis: Corona Gives Mobile Ticketing a Boost

GeoMobile in the Media

Nahverkehrspraxis, a German publication on modern mobility, reports on how the Corona virus lead to an increase of mobile ticketing use in the BuBiM app. The application was developed by GeoMobile for public transportation company Regionalverkehr Münsterland GmbH (RVM).

You can find the article here (external Link - in German language)


3rd of August 2020

#BESSERWEITER: Digital Assistance for Mobility during Covid

GeoMobile in the Media

#BESSERWEITER, a joint initiative of the federal government, the German states and public transport companies, reports on the contactless stop request feature that GeoMobile implemented in the mobile app "ZÄPP" for public transportation company Ruhrbahn GmbH in Essen.

You can find the article here (external Link - in German language)


29th of May 2020

GeoMobile is "Innovative through Reseach"

The seal was awarded by the Stifterverband

GeoMobile was awarded the seal "Innovative through Research" for the years 2020 and 2021. The Stifterband (Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany) honours the commitment to research and thus also the responsibility taken on for society. The seal was introduced in 2014.

GeoMobile thanks the association for the honour. The Dortmund-based company regularly works on research projects about barrier-free mobility and participation in society. These projects have resulted in barrier-free functions for blind people and visually impaired in several mobile German public transportation applications. 


29th of May 2020

WAZ: Oberhausen Will Soon Reward Cyclists Via Smart Phone App

GeoMobile in the Media

The WAZ has reported about the next GeoMobile developed app "RadRouten" in Oberhausen. The article is available on "WAZ+" behind this link and a paywall (German Language).


20th of May 2020

The Digital Stop Request

Zäpp App reduces the risk of infection in public transport

GeoMobile extends the functional range of the digital public transport system solution ivanto by introducing the possibility to make a stop request via smartphone app. Passengers using the Zäpp app in Essen reduce touching of stop request buttons in the vehicle, which helps to contain the transmission of covid-19 pathogens and other viruses. The new feature is the first of a project that will enable barrier-free indoor navigation.

With the Zäpp app, the Ruhrbahn in Essen has been offering blind and visually impaired passengers in particular barrier-free ride guidance since 2016. In addition, passengers can buy public transport tickets and view intermodal routes including bike-sharing, e-scooter and car-sharing offers and book some of the services.

ivanto is GeoMobile's system solution for digital communication between public transport companies and their passengers. It contains a white label application and several hardware modules that will interact with the app to enable innovative barrier-free functions, seamless ticketing ('CiBo') and passenger wifi. 


15th of May 2020

Electric Mobility in the Mutti Application

BOGESTRA extends mobility services in Bochum

Since 12th May 2020, BOGESTRA's Mutti app makes the booking of electric cars from Stadtmobil Rhein-Ruhr CarSharing and of e-bikes from sigo possible. The shared mobility services are accessible in the new electric mobility stations, the first of which is located in the area of Hustadt. Besides BOGESTRA, the public utilities of Bochum and housing association VBW are invloved in the project.

The mobile application Mutti was developed by GeoMobile GmbH and is based on the ivanto solution. Besides live, accessible public transportation information and ticketing, the app already includes features for multimodal mobility: users can find bike sharing stations of Metropolradruhr as well a taxi stands on a map of the surrounding area. It also enables booking of specific bike lockers. In 2018 Mutti was awarded the "Top App" status in public transport by Fokus magazine and has already been installed by over 100,000 users.


7th of January, 2020

The barrier-free autonomous bus

Pilot project launched in Soest district

The district of Soest is working towards offering barrier-free use of autonomous buses. Starting with the new year, GeoMobile has been part of the pilot project "Ride4All". The specific sub-project aims at enabling barrier-free use of autonomous buses for visually and mobility-impaired people. This is done by adapting the existing smartphone application "mobil info", which guides passengers with voice assistance and vibrations if required. It also includes includes the ivantoConnect hardware by GeoMobile, which will be integrated into the bus and enables vehicle interaction such as activation of the acoustic door detection signal, requesting to stop and opening of the doors.

Project partners of Ride4All include GeoMobile, the district of Soest, the RLG, the WVG, the LWL-Berufsbildungswerk Soest, the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS) and eagle eye technologies GmbH. They are developing and testing the operation of level 4 autonomous buses, which allows for driver intervention if necessary. Key objective is for the new transport system to be socially accepted and usable by everyone, including people with special needs.

The "mobil Info" application, with its predecessor m4guide, has been online for general public transport in the Soest district since 2016. It was one of the first apps in Germany that could be used for barrier-free assistance by blind people to use public transport.


12th of November, 2019

VAG Freiburg and VKU Unna at the Bundesteilhabepreis

This year's Federal Participation Award ceremony took place under the motto "Inclusive Mobility". Public transportation company VKU Unna was nominated among the Top 10 for the project "JederBus" - tag line 'experience inclusion'.GeoMobile's ivanto solution contributed to the project in the form of "Fahrtwind", the app that enables vehicle interaction if combined with ivanto hardware . In Unna, the "Bus.Hör.Stelle", a smart stele that provides acoustic information at the platform, is also used.


30th of August, 2019

500 electric scooters in Bochum, 300 electric scooters in Gelsenkirchen

They are the new form of near mobility and as a serious alternative to cars, pedestrians and cyclists will soon be part of the street scene in the big cities: electric pedal scooters. Now they will also be available in Bochum. The cities of Bochum and Gelsenkirchen, BOGESTRA and the provider Circ have agreed to cooperate. From the end of August, the Berlin-based company will install 500 Miet-E-Tretrollers in the Bochum city area (300 in Gelsenkirchen).

The scooters are an ideal way to spontaneously cover distances within the cities emission-free and off the main roads. The scooters are exemplary for contemporary, flexibly usable mobility, which also promises a lot of driving pleasure at stations throughout the entire city area. No parking stress, no standing in traffic jams: The scooters are made to be individually agile in large cities.

The available scooters will be bookable via the BOGESTRA app "Mutti" or directly via the Circ app. The booking process will initially be carried out via forwarding and soon also directly via the "Mutti App". The cooperation partners want to expand the "classic" public transport system and offer a wide range of mobility from a single source. Mobility in urban areas is changing: "Use instead of own" is the motto.


Picture: André Grabowski / Stadt Bochum


12th of August, 2019

WLAN test operation in VAG buses successfully completed

In February, Freiburger Verkehrs AG (VAG) - initially in four articulated buses - started test operation of a free WiFi. The test operation has now been successfully completed.

In recent weeks, VAG has equipped all other buses with the necessary technology. With immediate effect, the free WiFi is now available in all 65 VAG buses. In the next step - probably by the end of the year - all trams will now be equipped with the necessary WiFi technology.

The VAG Management Board is delighted with the successful test operation. "The free WiFi offer was very well received by our passengers during the test operation and is running smoothly," informed board member Oliver Benz.

His fellow board member Stephan Bartosch added that in the second half of the year the entire light rail fleet will be equipped with WiFi: "The technical equipment with WiFi in our trams represents a small challenge compared to our buses. Here we are dealing with different vehicle types and complex cabling, hence the longer implementation period".

VAG's goal is to offer free WiFi in all buses and trams by the end of the year, thereby increasing passenger comfort.

Source: Freiburger Verkehrs AG


9th of August, 2019

Electronic tickets can now be used in buses of the VKU

Smartphone becomes ticket

Unna. Travelling flexibly with public transit and doing without the cash, that’s been introduced now in the district of Unna. E-ticket is now available from VKU. Passengers can buy tickets from the Westfalen tariff via the application fahrtwind. The selection is still limited and yet to be extended to cover the entire range of tickets. The technical implementation will take some more time. Multiple tickets and VRR tickets will then also be available.

The selection is broad and includes single tickets as well as all types of day tickets and monthly tickets. Also available are the FunTicket, additional 1st class tickets and bicycle tickets. It is sufficient to show the QR code when boarding the bus.

"The fahrtwind App offers passengers modern and fast access to our range of tickets. It doesn't matter whether they are at home or on the road," adds André Pieperjohanns. Customers continue to receive their normal paper tickets from the driver or at the advance booking offices.

District Administrator Michael Makiolla is also extremely positive about the further development of the fahrtwind App. "We are keeping pace with the increasing digitalization. Citizens in the district of Unna can use easy to access public transport. This is important to us. The introduction of the electronic ticket is an important building block in this."

Source: VKU


26th of April, 2019

Workshop in Essen on 28th of May 2019

We invite you to the interactive workshop "Digital Transformation in Public Transport - Innovative IT for Urban Mobility".

Further information can be found in the programme overview


13th of February, 2019

Test operation: Free WiFi in VAG buses

Freiburger Verkehrs AG (VAG) is starting test operation of a free customer WiFi in four buses.  In the coming weeks all VAG buses will be equipped accordingly. After this is done the trams will be next to be equipped. Vehicles that already have WiFi are marked with a corresponding pictogram.

At the presentation to the press, Mayor Martin Horn described the customer WiFi as a good service and an important offer for customers in VAG buses and trains. “The customer WiFi is an important digitalization step towards the future,” said the Mayor.

In order to enable the new service, each vehicle must be equipped with its own transmitter unit, which is connected to the public mobile network via a SIM card and is thus available as a WiFi hotspot.

VAG board member Oliver Benz explained: "The free VAG WiFi in conjunction with our VAG mobile app should enable our passengers to obtain all the important information they need during their journey: for example, real-time information in our timetable information, information on low-floor vehicles and, in a few months' time, the link to the 'Frelo' bicycle rental system. In the future, WiFi will also be a requirement for future applications.


Source: Andreas Hildebrandt / Freiburger Verkehrs AG


07th of November, 2018

Booking bicycle boxes with „Mutti“ – New boxes at Bochum main station


Bochum’s new bicycle boxes have a safe locking system and are bookable with the app Mutti.

In the following weeks 185 bicycle boxes will be positioned at 14 different locations within the city area. With regards to the billing registered customers are able to use the payment method lodged in the app (PayPal, AmazonPay, direct debit). Users will receive a pin code to open and lock the boxes.


Picture: Lutz Leitmann / Stadt Bochum


19th of September, 2018

Top App! Focus Money honors Mutti


Our app Mutti receives the title "Excellent"!

The business magazine Focus Money asked 73,154 readers in a large representative online survey:

"How satisfied are you with the use of applications (apps) as a smartphone service?"

In the area of ​​public transport apps, our app Mutti took third place and can now call itself a top app recommended by users!


Newcomer Mutti

The evaluation of such a study takes several weeks, this means that the assessment took place at a time when the app Mutti has not been available in the stores for a year. As a true newcomer in the field of public transport apps an absolute top result!

Not only the intuitive usability and the multi-vehicle route planning are significant advantages of our app Mutti. Inside the app Mutti, you can not only buy tickets for bus and train, you can also easily book rental bikes or car-sharing vehicles from an app.



24th of April, 2018

Buying tickets via ivanto applications is getting easier


The latest versions of our public transport applications, Essen Mobil and Mutti, are updated with a new payment method: With this feature of our popular application BOGESTRA and Ruhrbahn belong to the first public transportation organisation throughout Europe to allow customers to pay for their bus and train tickets with Amazon Pay.

Within the VRR area Essen Mobil and Mutti offer the user the possibility to select the desired connection, to find a station on the map or to check current departure times at their front doors with only a few clicks. Mobile purchase of tickets is integrated and works. Establishes payment mehtods are Paypal, direct debit, credit card and billing via telecommunications provider.

Another useful function is offered with the latest update: The digital payment method was expanded and now supports Amazon Pay.

This way the customer is able to pay for his ticket simply by logging into his regular Amazon account which saves him time and effort.

Ruhrbahn and BOGESTRA are proud to offer the customer another familiar payment method with Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay allows customers worldwide to pay on websites and applications from third- party providers by using the stored information in their Amazon accounts. Amazon is happy that BOGESTRA and Ruhrbahn are the first public transportation organisations in Europe who implemented Amazon Pay in their online shop and application, according to Giulio Montemagno. Amazon wants that customers benefit from the convenience, reliability and confidence of Amazon’s payment method.

If you don’t have Mutti yet you can download it for free:

for Android or iOS

Passenger-Wi-Fi with ivanto


Passengers of PaderSprinter enjoy an additional service: free Wi-Fi in the Paderborn city buses offers fast surfing, chatting and e-mailing.

This service expands the promotion of WLAN systems in the approximately 170 regional buses that travel in the districts of Paderborn and Höxter. Passengers can thus use the WLAN offer in all buses of the Hochstift.

PaderSprinter GmbH equips its own fleet of 100 vehicles. The ivantoCore communication module from GeoMobile GmbH is used as vehicle router.

The Nahverkehrsverbunde Paderborn/Höxter (nph) supports the project. The data technology coordination of the WLAN project is carried out by the Verbundgesellschaft Paderborn / Höxter mbH (VPH).

More information at PaderSprinter

Take the Bike

“Safety4Bikes” and supporting projects

The new research project “Safety4Bikes – assistance systems to raise safety of cycling children ” explores innovative connectivity’s of bicycles. The project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and has a term of 3 years till December 2019. The aim of the project is to increase the safety of cyclists in road traffic in general and for children in particular.

Sensors on bicycle and helmet record the surrounding. Potential hazards are analysed and signaled by helmet and bicycle actuators. The car driver is informed via Car2X about his immediate vicinity. Our consortium consists of economic enterprises (UVEX, PFAU Tec, Valtech) and research facilities (Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, University of Paderborn, OFFIS e.V.). The activities are supported by the Society for Empirical Sociological Research, Nürnberg. Safety4Bikes is another building block of a SmartCity, connecting additional road users like cyclists.

In addition to our IT solution for urban mobility ivanto, we are also focusing on future mobility concepts in which the bicycle plays a central role. Thus, the bicycle is included as a smart means of transport in the multimodal mobility route. A possible use of cargobikes is considered separately in order, among other things, to transport smaller loads within the cities alternatively.

Bus.Hoer.Stelle: Smart stations in public transport

The intelligent bus stop is the latest building block in the efforts of the VKU in the district of Unna for more accessibility in public transport.

The Bus.Hör.Stelle expands the ivanto system of GeoMobile for passengers who are traveling without a smartphone. The smart station interacts via Bluetooth with the incoming bus and announces its line number and its destination. At the press of a button, the departure monitor informs about the upcoming departures by means of voice output.

The Bus.Hör.Stelle is designed as a help for blind or visually impaired people and sends a continuous pilot tone. But also those, who can not read or who have difficulties with the timetable, get quick help. For the hearing impaired, the speech output feeds an induction loop.

The smart bus stop is part of the project “JederBus”. Financed by the county of Unna, it aims to enable disabled to use public transport.

Further information: Website VKU Unna (only in german) or ivanto

Pick up speed with “Meine Öffis”

With the app “Meine Öffis” the local transport authority in Hameln-Pyrmont offers its passengers GeoMobile’s travel companion.

“Die Öffis” present an accessible guide. It informs passengers about possible public transport connections on on the basis of the timetable for Lower Saxony and Bremen. A special highlight is the planning of the trip over the map. In addition, the app provides a comprehensive travel guide that locates the user via GPS and guides him safely from door to door.

The travel guide was developed with the ivanto framework. It offers a navigation aid on walking paths, which is understandable for blind users. During the journey, the app informs about the next stops and announces the personal exit. The app is available for iOS and Android.


29th of September, 2016

The new Essen Mobil app is available

Inform, navigate, quickly and easily buy a ticket: All this and more available in the new EVAG app ,Essen Mobil’, from GeoMobile GmbH.

The app for iOS and Android  smartphones supplements the offer of EVAG by a multimodal guide. Apart from public transport, it also covers footpaths and bike routes. On a map, you can find the offers for rental bicycles and CarSharing from various providers. These stations can be considered in any public transport connection.

The availability check, the quick access to the booking plattforms and the direct ticket purchase complete the offer.  EVAG presents itself as an intersectoral mobility provider.


15th of September, 2016

Out and about in the city: Go by bus, by tram, by bike? Or would you rather walk?

The VKU in the district of Unna expands its own service offer by providing a new mobile information system. GeoMobile’s fahrtwind app informs about multimodal connections.

The new app presents bus, train, bicycle and footpath connections at a glance. There are also maps for the route, prices and the possibility of booking bicycles. The app offers all available stations and stops in the vicinity and informs in real time when the next train arrives. On footpaths and on bicycle routes it offers a navigation aid.

In the district of Unna, buses have been equipped with the ivanto system of GeoMobile in 2014. The system allows to identify incoming buses at the bus stop and announce them by voice output. The busses stop on requests, which can be transmitted with the smartphone to the bus. The system accompanies the user during the journey on the basis of vehicle interaction. It focuses on passengers with visual impairments and with limited mobility. The journey accompaniment is also an integral part of the new fahrtwind app.


More information at VKU, public transport company:
Verkehrsgesellschaft Kreis Unna

fahrtwind-App Video at  Youtube
fahrtwind in the AppStore or Google Play

picture: VKU Unna


31st of August, 2016

Open house at The Federal Government, Berlin

BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) shows ground breaking innovations in public transport. Amongst these is the smartphone-based, accessible vehicle interaction of GeoMobile.

Accessibility in public transport based on real-time-information that the passenger receives directly from the vehicle. Remote control of the bus: The passenger sends stop and service requests from his phone to the vehicle. And mobile ticketing based on a Check-In/Be-Out-System: The vehicle itself offers the mobile ticket to the customer and detects the end of the journey without any further interaction. These are the items that GeoMobile presented on 27th and 28th of August 2016 in a bus of BVG at the Department for Transport (BMVI) in Berlin. BVG equipped one of its busses with GeoMobile’s smart communication module, ivantoCore, for this purpose.

The Federal Government opened doors and nearly 100.000 visitors joined. Chancellery, Federal Press Office, Federal Ministries and Federal Intelligence Service were visitor attractions despite of mid-summer-heat.

Further Information, official Website of The Federal Government


4th of July, 2016

HEAG mobilo – App with latest traffic news

GeoMobile GmbH provides a mobile app for the transport operator in Darmstadt. The  development is based on the ivanto app framework.

The  HEAG  mobilo ‐ App  contains  all  important  information  for  the  transport  area:  departure  times,  real  time  vehicle  location,  transport  and  traffic  information  for  Darmstadt, the district of Darmstadt‐Dieburg, the district of Groß‐Gerau  and northern  Bergstraße. Simple, intuitive, fast! HEAG  mobilo  wants  to  expand  the  features  of  the  app  continuously.  Future  improvements will  include  carsharing  and rental  bikes  as well  as mobile ticketing  and  further accessibility features.

The introduction of the app is accompanied by the slogan „Deine App für Bus und Bahn“.  It promotes the app in public transport vehicles and in print and online media.


18th of April, 2016

DBSV examines the latest ivanto prototype

Experts and persons affected srutinize the smartphone-based door-find audio-signal in the buses of the RLG in Soest.

The next generation of GeoMobile’s solution for accessible urban mobility, ivanto, offers a smartphone-based audio signal, that helps blind and visually impaired passengers to find the entrance door to public buses. In Soest, this solution was presented to GFUV, the technical committee for Environment and Transport at DBSV, the German Association of Blind and Visually Impaired.

ivanto offers the demand-driven triggering of a sound signal out of the ivanto app. The ivanto control unit, which is installed in the bus, receives the request from the ivanto app and controls a speaker in the entrance door.

The GFUV meets once a year, this time in Soest. On this occasion, the ivanto system for a barrier-free travel accompaniment in public transport, operated by the RLG and the district of Soest, has been tested. It guides blind users with a pedestrian navigation, outdoor and indoor, to the pole at the station and it allows to interact with the bus using the smartphone.  A special item on the agenda was the demonstration of the smartphone based door-find signal. It was installed as a prototype. The experts were able to contribute valuable feedback. It will be regarded in the further development.

More information: gfuv.deivanto.de


29th of June, 2015

AUGGMED Project to Tackle Terrorism

The project has been launched to help deliver improved training tools and techniques to further equip security personnel to respond to physical threats and cyber-attacks on Europe’s critical infrastructure (airports, ports and railway stations).

AUGGMED (automated serious game scenario generator for mixed reality training) will develop a multimodal virtual reality and mixed reality platform that can be used anywhere via a variety of devices and technologies from smartphones and tablets to high-end PCs with multiple monitors and HMDs (head mounted displays).

The project has secured funding of approximately US$6.2 million and will run for three years.

Under the coordination of BMT Group, a consortium of 13 project partners from six EU countries will collaborate, including: SERCO; University of Greenwich; Piraeus Port Authority; Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya; University of Birmingham; Sistema D’Emergencies Mediques; Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire; Sheffield Hallam University; Israteam; Konstantinos Kardaras (Integration Power); Ministry of Citizens Protection and Unversidad Politécnica de Madrid – and GeoMobile.


More Information: www.augmed-project.eu